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MailValueProfits - What is it?

We generate additional profits for our partners via e-mail marketing. You pass us your legit e-mail addresses, we do the work, you check the stats - That's it.

I have e-mails - Show me the money!

We execute legit email marketing therefore we make sure that you have additional information with every email address. We basically need the source of the mails, a timestamp and an IP address. ​

How much can I earn?

We cannot promise anything besides the fact that you get access to a trasparent dashboard where you can see what happened and how much money was generated. We just split the revenue 50/50 and you get your piece of the pie.

What are costs?

We work commission based so if your addresses make revenue we just keep half of it. there is no additional costs and theres also no fixed contract period. Give it a try and feel free to stay if you like it.

Not convinced yet...

You get real time conversion stats from 3rd party offers without investing your own resources. We´ll clean bounces, spam traps and unsubscribers so that you are able to improve and protect your own e-mail deliverabilty.

Little About Us

The team behind MailValueProfits is actually pretty small but since everyone is an expert within his sector there is no need to balloon the slim structure. Here's more about the team;

The MVP Team

Kamil, Collaborations with partners, publisher management.

Vaclav. Tech/Design, Distribution Eastern Europe.

Jens, Tech/Design, Distribution Western Europe.

The MVP Team

Contact Us

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